Delivery times may vary by time of day and traffic conditions.
Whenever possible, we’ll take these orders with less than the required call ahead time.


DescriptionFeeMinimum OrderDel. TimesCall Ahead
College Area, Redwood Village, Rolando$2.75$14.0030-40 minsAny Time
Mid-city, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro, West San Carlos, Lake Murray, North Lemon Grove, Oak Park, Talmadge$4.75$20.0040 mins - 1 hrAny Time
Kensington, East San Carlos,Grossmont, East La Mesa$5.75$30.0040 mins - 1 hrAny Time
Serra Mesa, Tierrasanta, East Kearny Mesa, Qualcomm, Grantville, East Balboa, East Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Montgomery Field$6.00$40.0040 mins - 1 hr24 hrs
Mt. Helix Park, Casa De-Oro, Mt. Helix, Mt. Miguel High, South La Mesa$6.00$40.0040 mins - 1 hr24 hrs
Fletcher Parkway, Gillespie Field, East Grossmont$7.00$50.0045 - 1 hr 30 mins24 hrs
Emerald Hills, Broadway Heights, West Lemon Grove, Chollas View, Ridgeview Webster, North Encanto$8.00$60.0045 - 1 hr 30 mins24 hrs
University Heights, Balboa Park, Burlingame, North Park, South Park, Golden Heights, Coronado View, Colonial Court, Park Crest, Arizona Park$9.00$70.0045 - 1 hr 30 mins24 hrs
East Mission Valley, Birdland, Fashion Valley$9.00$70.0045 - 1 hr 30 mins24 hrs
El Cajon, North Rancho San Diego$9.00$70.0045 - 1 hr 30 mins24 hrs
Miramar, Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch$16.00$140.0045 - 1 hr 30 mins24 hrs